Balance Factor

I was instantly struck by the simplicity and universality of the Balance Factor in providing a solid method to evaluate any diet. This is an exceptionally rare opportunity for anyone to determine the true nutritional balance of a diet, free of any hype, bias or sales promotion.”

The Hon. Kelvin K. Ogilvie C.M., Ph.D., senator(r)

The Balance Factor (BF) is a simple, non-subjective tool that identifies a food or meal that meets your nutritional requirements and prevents you from eating foods that will increase your risk of obesity.

The Balance Factor teaches you to balance your plant or animal based macronutrients (Carbs, Fats, Proteins) at every meal while you make endless combinations of the foods you love to eat.

The Balance Factor is a number derived from the Nutrition Facts label that can be found by downloading either 4tlof’s Food Lover app or the Balanced Café app in the Apple app store.  Both are free apps for Apple users. These apps give you the Balance Factors for more than 12 000 foods in the grocery store including the menu items from over 50 of your favourite restaurant chains.

How does the Balance Factor work?

Choose a food you wish to eat and look at its Balance Factor (BF).

  • BF = 0 means a good balance of carbohydrates to proteins + fat as per the recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide.
  • BF > 0 (+ve number) means the food or meal has a higher ratio of carbohydrates to proteins + fats as per the recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide.
  • BF < 0 (-ve number) means the food or meal has a higher ratio of proteins + fats to carbohydrates as per the recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide.

Regardless of your eating style, the Balance Factor keeps you in a steady state that gives your body a physical, metabolic and mental advantage towards being healthy. 

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