Canada’s New Obesity Guidelines

The new Canadian Obesity Guidelines published last Tuesday (Aug. 4, 2020) make a clear statement that “Obesity Matters”. Dr. Sean Wharton, co-lead author of the guidelines is championing the notion that obesity is a chronic disease and that the stigma around obesity must be curbed. In this article, he states “We’re going to more soRead More

Ben Greenfield on “Why You Are Not Losing Fat…”

This article by Ben Greenfield is chockful of ‘aha’ moments for why you might be holding onto excess body fat even though you are exercising and eating good foods.   “Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker and author of the NewRead More

How We Got It Wrong: Saturated Fat and Heart Disease

Still confused about whether saturated fat intake can increase your risk of heart disease? It’s not a surprise as there are articles being posted every day with arguments from both sides. This excellent article explains how saturated fat got its bad rap and why there is less reason to be alarmed by including some inRead More

Low Carb Diet Recommended for Diabetes

What exactly does ‘low-carb’ infer? 30% carbs or 20% carbs or 5% carbs relative to 70% or 80% or 95% fats and proteins, respectively? Suggesting someone eat low carb is as vague as suggesting someone drive at low speeds, cook at low temperatures and exercise at a low intensity all to achieve a healthier outcome.Read More