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Who Doesn’t Love Getting A Cookbook?

Who Doesn’t Love Getting A Cookbook?

My mom loves a collection of cookbooks called “The Barefoot Contessa”. They are written by a famous cook named Ina Garten. Around Christmas last year, she realized she didn’t have the newest one. So that Christmas, one of her good friends phoned up the Barefoot Contessa office and a woman answered the phone. My mom’s friend thought that she was talking to Ina Garten’s assistants on the phone. So they’re chatting away when my mom’s friend goes “My friend and I love “Barefoot Contessa!””, at which point the lady on the other end answers “Thank you!”. My mom’s friend was shocked to find that she was actually talking to THE Barefoot Contessa – Ina Garten!!
My mom ended up getting the book as her Christmas present and now has a funny story to tell at the dinner table.



  1.  November 13, 2015

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