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The Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll get from the program

4 the Luv of Food has numerous benefits: physical, mental and emotional. Our program empowers you, freeing you from the shackles of fad diets, restrictions and obsessive counting!

  • Allows you to eat the foods you want to eat, all of the time. Every food can be a fat burning food. The secret lies in how you pair them. We’ll teach you how and inspire you with meal plan options and original 4tLoF recipes.
  • Helps you to burn body fat and return to an ideal body size. You will only burn body fat! No loss will be at the expense of water or hard-earned muscle.
  • Helps reduce and reverse the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
  • Balancing carbs prevents the body from producing the substance responsible for narrowing arteries.
  • Gives you the knowledge you need to feed you and your family right, no matter what their likes or dislikes, allergies or religion.
  • This program is universal and can be tweaked and tailored to suit any need.  Nothing is off limits and there are no restrictions, which puts an end to “diet” foods the whole family won’t enjoy.
  • It is not a diet or a lifestyle change. It’s an education you need only once to get you on the right track to feeling good naked.

Success Stories

Thank you so much for this simplified version of the mathematical equation that Shannon was explaining to us last Thursday. I don't feel nearly as "challenged" now and was quickly able to figure out my stored fat ratio to water composition. I have to go and drink some water now but keep the great info coming!–Lorine Savoy

In my high school years, I completely changed my lifestyle and adapted a routine that consisted of daily exercise and healthy food choices. I never really understood why I was eating the foods I was and what was happening internally. Like everyone else, I thought fats were bad and less meant more from a physical perspective. It was until my mid-20's that I realized something wasn't right and I did not feel good about myself. I had not changed much about my lifestyle but I had come to a serious plateau and confusion about the way I was eating. In November of 2011, Shannon and Danielle introduced me to the Food Palette's concept of balancing carbs and eating enough calories to support my metabolism. Since then, I have noticed obvious changes with my body and my food cravings. This way of eating is definitely part of my lifestyle and has completely changed my life…. I now feel good naked!! Thanks Danielle and Shannon!!”–Sabrina Greco

You often hear the words “this changed my life” but that is how I feel about the Food Palette way of eating. I saw dramatic results in the first few weeks. The thickness around my neck gradually diminished and my arms and legs got noticeably smaller. In the shower I would think, “Wow! Do those skinny legs belong to me?” and at night when I would pull the covers over me I would notice the skinny little arm and be amazed all over again. I thought being over 50 meant that I would just have to put up with the belly fat and being a size that I didn’t like. I would walk past a mirror and cringe because I couldn’t believe the person in the mirror was me. I had accepted the fact that my body shape was beyond help. I’m getting fabulous results and it feels like I’m not really trying. Some weeks my progress is slower, but I have never gained back any of the inches during the 8 months I have been on the plan. I look in the mirror and see the beginnings of a waist and I actually have cheekbones! I’m able to eat well during holidays and while travelling on vacation. I feel liberated from food for the first time in my life. I don’t have the usual “slump” in the afternoons at work. I have more energy than ever before. Because my blood sugar is not spiking, I feel calm, relaxed and never hungry. I had a chronic cough for over 2 years that baffled the doctors. Eating fewer carbohydrates has almost stopped the persistent cough. It was so gradual that I didn’t even notice but friends pointed out that I was coughing less and less. I’ve never been on an eating plan where the solution was to KEEP EATING. I really love the corresponding lectures in 4 the Luv of Food because I feel like I finally understand food groups and treating my body better than I ever have. Finally my inside body image is catching up to the outside.–Cynthia Carey

I heard about 4 the Luv of Food from a friend. I was feeling depressed as it seemed that whatever I did, it was impossible to deal with my sugar diabetes properly. I kept upping the medication, as the doctor ordered, but it did no good and I knew that I was heading towards insulin injections. Anyhow, suffice to say that I started going to the meetings for 4 the Luv of Food. I found that the lectures provided me with information that I didn't know, or had skimmed over. I followed the eating plan that we were given and started feeling better within weeks. When I visited my doctor (re:diabetes), he was amazed at the results of my blood tests. He said that what I had achieved by following 4 the Luv of Food plan, he never could have duplicated with medication. He told me to continue to follow the plan and return in 6 months, instead of 3. I have to monitor my sugar levels and reduce the medication when necessary. Yippee!!!! Added to that, I have lost a ton of weight and feel more energetic. Shannon and Danielle are always there to encourage and congratulate us on any achievement. They explain what is happening in our bodies. They are wonderful and I am so grateful to the friend who introduced us. My 12 weeks are over now, but I am going to continue to attend meetings as they are inspirational and you never know what new tidbits of information Shannon may have to share. Danielle can always work wonders with the recipes!!! May I say that I feel so BALANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. I'm telling all my friends about you guys.–Shirley Alberga

Knowledge is power! Enlightenment and the confidence to make an informed choice for your body is beyond rewarding. Ready to stop the dieting and finally Feel Good Naked?

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