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Retail Approved Program

Oak Ridges Food Market + 4 the Luv of Food Approved! Sticker =

More informed, balanced approach to daily eating, nutrition and wellness.


All foods, when eaten in proper balance, will allow your body to utilize them at their most optimal level, as long as there are enough calories to support your metabolism. When you eat in this way, your body will naturally burn calories, you will enjoy stable energy levels and reduce your risk of diabetes and other ailments all the while helping you to achieve a leaner body mass.

Oak Ridges Food Market and Concord Food Centre has teamed up with 4 the Luv of Food to offer their customers a unique and revolutionary in-store program which encourages the consumer to take a more informed and balanced approach to their daily eating, nutrition and wellness choices.

The 4 the Luv of Food Approved program highlights in-store products by way of labeled “shelf talkers” and stickers that are designed to help educate you.

How will you benefit?

  • Helps to make your shopping experience more economical and efficient. Balanced eating doesn’t have to be expensive when you’re informed
  • The market is flooded with new “trendy” products that claim “health” benefits. We as consumers are inundated with information and advertising campaigns. We will dispel the media myths by recommending products based on science proven facts
  • You will have access to newsletters, recipe ideas, and ready to eat meals by our Greco’s Kitchen staff

Look for our labeled shelf talkers and wellness pointers in store today and remember that balanced eating is a normal and sustainable way to live. It promotes healthy living while you enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures: Food!