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The 4tLoF Food Lover app for all Apple products (iPhone, iPad & iPod) takes the guesswork out of balancing your carbohydrates. Why balance them?  Too many carbs and the body starts storing FAT!!!, too few and the body starts a fight with you – FATIGUE!!!Starting with the Balance Point is the simple yet scientific way to get the body to comfortably give up fat.  A Balance Point =(0) means your meals average approx. 40% carbs! Why 40%? Studies show that 25%-40% carbs in each meal can conquer those cravings, stabilize those crashes and convince the body that it’s okay to shed some of that extra cushioning.

There are over 3500 foods with multiple suggestions for how to balance each food and achieve a Balance Point close to (0). Look for each item’s Balance Point and simply do the math (or even better, let the App do it for you) and bring the combined numbers as close to (0) as you can. If you wish to get a handle on things quickly, shoot for a Balance Point that is negative (ex. -5), hang out there for a couple of weeks to see some quick results and slowly work back towards (0). And hey, if your body loves eating at (-2), you’ve found your ideal Balance Point.

The Balance Point uses the Nutritional Facts Label – a tool that could provide a product’s nutritional value at a glance if the Balance Point was on each label for all to use!  This is a FREE mobile app offered to Apple users only at first. Visit the app store and search: 4TLOF’S Food Lover to download the app today. Check out our blog to learn more about how the app works.