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The Afterschool Snack Attack!

The Afterschool Snack Attack!

The bottom line is, kids need a snack when they come home from school. If you think about it, the last time they ate was….lunch? That may not seem that long, but we have to remember that most schools only allow their students 20 minutes to eat lunch. That being said, the kids with large lunches are forced to eat as fast as they can in order to finish what is in their lunchbag. This means that if you haven’t had a snack after school, going without food until dinner isn’t an option. For me, an after school snack has found a way to permanently become part of my lifestyle. And I’m sure it has for many kids too – especially teens. Some ways that I keep energized is by making some of my favourite, somewhat healthy treats. The first one is called a walking salad. It’s half an apple with peanut butter on top with chocolate chips (optional). The other one doesn’t have a name. It’s just a banana that’s cut into slices and put in milk with a touch of maple syrup. If you want to be a bit healthier, then instead of maple syrup you can add protein powder.


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