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{Testimonial} What Feeling Good Naked Means To Us

{Testimonial} What Feeling Good Naked Means To Us

Shannon Clark, BSc P.T., PTSAs a 43 year old mother of four, I am approaching that period of my life which most women dread; the waistline thickening, the chest drooping, the arms becoming flabby and the energy waning. Science provides clear answers on why each of these occurs.  Having the knowledge of how to minimize these inevitable mid-life changes gives me the confidence to ‘feel good naked’.

Eating foods that fuel growth during puberty happens automatically in response to hunger.  During menopause however, feeding the body dietary fat helps repair old tissue and replenishes decreasing hormone levels.  If our bodies change throughout our lives, then our diets should change too. Feeling good naked, to me, is understanding what my body needs to stay active, strong and beautiful.  Succumbing to a stereotypical pattern of weight gain when my body is clearly telling me how to eat is no longer a concern of mine. Knowing what to eat, when to eat it and why to eat it, gives me the confidence that I will not end up with that “middle-age spread”.

~Shannon Clark

Meet DanielleFeeling good naked took on a whole new meaning for me when I actually started to Feel. Good. Naked.  I used to think it was all about a certain look or size that would bring that kind of satisfaction but while those things are a bonus they are by no means the definition of it. Having always had an interest in health and wellness I’ve set many goals for myself from weight goals to fitness goals to mental goals. By far my greatest achievement was educating myself. In the past reaching those goals was about which ‘plan’ or ‘diet’ I was going to follow. What I failed to realize was that in ‘following’ something you are not the leader and that can leave you vulnerable to failure.

When I first began my journey to balance I knew that in order for me to fully embrace this new way of eating I would need to go beyond basic comprehension and really learn to understand the body and what exactly it needs. By taking the time to get to know the facts that science has given us all along I’ve been enlightened, and I’ve gained the confidence and the knowledge needed to fuel my body. In return it’s given me the gift of fat burning. My current definition of feeling good naked is about understanding your body and knowing that any progress made is a direct result of well informed decisions and not some plan or temporary fix! The gift of knowledge lasts a lifetime and so does a body built from balanced eating :)

~Danielle Greco

Now we want to know what ‘Feeling Good Naked’ means to you?



  1. wbrogan  February 8, 2013

    I am 53 years old and have yet to reach the true definition of menopause; 12 consecutive months without a period. In fact I have not missed any. Although, I have been experiencing symptoms of menopause for sometime now. The joys of hot flashes, hormone spikes, night sweats, sleep deprivation and tummy fat to name a few. Since I have joined the 4theluvoffood clan, the symptoms have dramatically reduced and in some cases disappeared. I have at least 12 months to go before I am truly menopausal so I am thrilled with these results. Not only am I burning fat, I am aging with ease and I FEEL GOOD NAKED!

    • 4theLuvofFood  February 9, 2013

      Wow, Wendy! What a testimonial! And this is why we do what we do at 4 the luv of food! Thanks for sharing “What feeling good naked, means to you”!

      Thank- you!


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