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The Formula

Daily Meals to Fuel Fat-Burning

If you’re thinking, “Oh no, another hard-to-stick-to meal plan,” let us give you some relief. 4 the Luv of Food is by no means a meal-plan based diet. Our program was created to be a simple, sustainable way of eating and combining foods so as to naturally burn fat. This meal plan is purely to give you some structure if you need it and examples of what a balanced day looks like.

Carbs (-) Fiber (-) Fat (-) Protein should = 0 or less

How much do I eat?

Good question! As you go through The Program presentations, you will come to better understand how food works to fuel your body and how to eat to burn fat. We’ve also given you tools such as our iPhone app and Food Chart to help you quickly choose balanced foods. You can also remember our simple formula to calculate the balanced factor of any food with a nutrition label.

If you don’t get ENOUGH food, you will NOT burn fat.

As for how much to eat, remember that you need to fuel your body to burn fat.
So, although we do not believe in being staunch calorie-counters, knowing your body’s average daily caloric needs will help you determine how much to eat.

To help you figure out your number, we’ve included the calculator to the right. (This does not count additional calories burned through exercise.)