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Meet Us

Shannon Clark


Shannon is 4 the Luv of Food’s owner and head of research and development. She graduated from the University of Toronto as a physical therapist in 1992 and after working with pediatrics in Canada for 6 months, moved to the United States. There she spent 12 years specializing in orthopedics, wound care, and finally teaching in New Jersey at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in the Masters Physical Therapy Program. Her fascination with how the body balances itself naturally and her passion for nutritious and delicious food has made her pursue a second career trying to curb the obesity epidemic that has taken hold of North America.

On a personal note, she is happily married with 4 children and wishes nothing more than to teach her kids how to love and appreciate what food does for the body and the crucial role it plays bringing family and friends together. She has a trick to replace those vegetables when they are tasteless, out of season and expensive.   Fresh Herbs!  All year round!  That’s a healthy bang for your buck!

Danielle Greco

R.H.N., R.M.T., Natural Chef

Danielle is a practicing Registered Massage Therapist, working with a wide range of clientele since 2006. The cases she’s encountered from musculoskeletal problems to dietary-related concerns further sparked her interest in alternative health, which led to a diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2008. Growing up on the ever-so-popular Mediterranean diet in a family of grocers has greatly enhanced her passion for food.

With a keen interest in wellness and holistic health, she is determined to prove to skeptics that food can be healthy without compromising flavor and satisfaction. This led her to the west coast where she attended Bauman College in San Francisco and became certified as a Natural Chef.

With her triad complete, she’s happy to have partnered up with Shannon Clark to create what started as The Food Palette in 2010 and went on to become 4 the Luv of Food in 2012.

After fully submersing herself in the program and gaining knowledge to last a lifetime she is moving on to explore the food retail business with ‘Danielle’s Naturals’, a line of healthy blood sugar friendly snacks. Danielle and Shannon will continue to support one another’s efforts to educate and inform others on the importance of controlling blood sugar to reduce inflammation, get a handle on obesity, and disease prevention.


How It All Started…

The seed for The Food Palette (4tLoF’s early community based program) was planted 20 years ago in a physiology lecture focused on nutrition. The professor spoke of a semi-starvation experiment done in 1945 which revealed the negative effects of dieting. The Food Palette became an obsession in understanding the science of food metabolism and the need to inform the misguided North American society.

Two studies began in 2010 which implemented the science without predicting the results. The outcome was size reduction through fat burning, increased energy, restored regularity, some weight loss, lowering of blood pressure, improvement of cholesterol levels and the reversal of Type II Diabetes. There was no question the program had to run on a large scale, reaching the far corners of North America.

Thus, 4 the Luv of Food is here.