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Kid Dinner!

Kid Dinner!


When my Dad is working late or away on business,  we call it a Kids Dinner!!  Every time my dad is out of the house, my mom and I make something delicious!  Not that the meals at my house aren’t always delicious.  It’s just that the meals we make when my dad is gone are less savoury.  Some Kids Dinner meals include waffles, omelets, tacos, pancakes and anything he doesn’t like.  We also make things with ingredients that he is allergic to like garlic or bananas.  Don’t get me wrong, all those exclamation points I put up there weren’t because I enjoy the time when he’s away.  They are there because it’s a nice change in meals.  When my mom is away it’s a whole different story.  We call it “Take Out!”




  1. Regan  April 15, 2014

    That’s hilarious! But soooo true! I have an opposite story. We used to have special meals that only my dad made. We called them daddy lunches. Usually cheese dreams (toast with melted cheese and bacon) or a plate with cottage cheese (on a lettuce leaf-my dad was all about the presentation), rolled up ham slices and cut up fruit. Thanks for bringing back the memory.


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