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Have We Made A Mess Of Clean Eating?

Have We Made A Mess Of Clean Eating?

In the spirit of the new year, let’s talk about “clean eating”. Clean eating professes not to be a diet, but rather, a lifestyle change. By definition, clean eating means eating foods that come straight from nature, that don’t have additives and that are minimally processed. Clean eating encompasses a diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But what if clean eating leaves one feeling bloated and/or with unfavourable bowel movements? There isn’t much that is clean about experiencing flatulence from eating broccoli or having odorous urine from eating asparagus. And though fibre can be beneficial, ALL of it leaves the body as waste material.
Perhaps we’ve missed the point around clean eating. Clean as an adverb means to be free from unwanted matter. This could imply that clean eating means eating foods that should be almost 100% usable and beneficial for the body. Foods that are clean would provide energy, potential vitamins and minerals and result in little to no waste. Clean eating should leave a person feeling energized, healthy and satisfied and not hungry for foods that aren’t beneficial. Trying to eat clean for the purpose of improving health and wellness but ignoring how the food makes one feel is counterproductive. Likewise, loading up on fruits and vegetables and whole grains (all of which are complex carbohydrates) can spike an insulin response leaving the body storing more fat than it is able to burn.
There is no doubt that eating fruits and vegetables and grains is beneficial to one’s health. They are found in almost every traditional diet; but then so are cheese, eggs and cream. Why does clean eating need to be such a challenge and clearly a contradiction to what makes each and every person’s diet different? Take the time to identify the foods you love to eat, the ones that leave you with the least discomfort, that give you the most energy and the ones that keep your system regular. Eat those foods in their natural form, avoid additives and over processing. Eating clean can be a piece of cake. Well, homemade cake…after a meal of healthy fats, proteins and carbs. But you know the routine (and if you don’t, check us out at


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