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Easy Peasy Meals with Wheels

Easy Peasy Meals with Wheels

Four kids can be a lot of hassle. My siblings and I all have very busy schedules that are always changing.  This has been going on since each of us were small. It’s been even more busy now that my mom has a company and, believe it or not, multi-purpose families have to eat to. So on the nights that everyone is gone and running out the door (almost every night) my mom and I have to work out a meal that is easy and doesn’t take too much time. Some meals include sausage and pork and beans, burritos (healthy of course), brioche (smoked salmon, asparagus, scrambled egg and hollandaise sauce all on toasted bread). Some others include prepared roast chicken with fries, and Greek salad and shrimp.  These meals are perfect in a container for ‘on the go’ nights.



  1. Regan  February 25, 2014

    Greek salad and shrimp. I had forgotten about that meal. My kids would eat that too! Thanks Evy.


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