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Custard (Foods 4 the Luv of Breakfast)

Custard (Foods 4 the Luv of Breakfast)

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This recipe can be made the night before for breakfast or quickly during the day for an afterschool snack.  It is best served chilled with whipped cream or Greek yogurt and berries..



½ cup of milk                          Nutmeg

1 egg                                     Greek yogurt

2 tsp of maple syrup                Fresh berries

Pinch of salt



  1.  In a 3”-4”, ramekin, pour ½ cup of milk.  Heat for 30 secs on high in the microwave.
  2.  Beat in egg until blended, add maple syrup, salt and sprinkle with nutmeg.  Stir.
  3.  Cook in microwave on high for 2 mins 15 secs.  (Time may vary depending on microwave temp.)


This recipe works best with higher fat milks.  Half and half cream produces a richer custard, while skim milk makes it watery.

Serves:  1




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